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TOTAL 6484 240 6244
414891 14 14 0 2019-02-16
424420 7 7 0 2019-02-13
443332 1 1 0 2019-02-09
445432 4 4 0 2019-02-21
469964 2 2 0 2019-02-06
479662 1 1 0 2019-02-13
545219 6454 210 6244 2019-02-21
613818 1 1 0 2019-02-07

Builderall ID 545219

How does it work?

If you are a Builderall Business Builder, you have an ID, a number.

Knowing your ID is easy, it is located in your Builderall referral link, for instance:

If you are not one yet, you can become a Business Builder right now: click here.

You can participate in this Click Roulette by adding ?aid=545219 at the end of any page link (URL) and send visitors to it.
Of course 545219 should be replaced by your own ID, for instance:

https://justdoall.com/ => https://justdoall.com/?aid=545219
https://justdoall.com/us/free => https://justdoall.com/us/free?aid=545219
https://justdoall.com/us/roulette => https://justdoall.com/us/roulette?aid=545219

The page will work for you, for your own affiliate Builderall links, if you understand this site and how useful is the viral Facebook sharing system included on all pages, then this Click Roulette is for you.

Some clicks are shared amongst participants, including yourself.

If you are interested, you can start sending traffic immediately, there is no registration necessary.

You will see your Builderall ID and your clicks right away, on this page!


At the start all visitors you send are yours, if you reach a threshold you start to share your clicks and to receive shared clicks from others.

Only clicks you have sent with your ID count, so do not worry, this means if you are not receiving shared clicks you also do not share clicks yourself.

The sent clicks threshold to participate is the date of the day multiplied by 10. So on the 1st of the month it is at 10, on the 15th it is at 150. So today, the threshold is at 210.

The clicks counter resets on the first day of the month.

If you do not understand everything, first send visitors and then think again while looking at this page.

FAKE TRAFFIC PROTECTION: If you send fake visits, like autosurf or bot traffic, your ID will be permanently blacklisted, which means all your clicks will be shared but you will not get any clicks in return. Do not send fake traffic. Also note that clicks are only counted per unique IP address, no need to refresh the page to artificially increase your click counter. Moreover, any attempt at fraud will result in an immediate and definitive ban of your Builderall ID, is it really worth it?

Pages in english you can send visitors to

(it works also with pages in french)

Homepage: https://justdoall.com/?aid=545219

Click Roulette: https://justdoall.com/us/roulette?aid=545219

Builderall: https://justdoall.com/us?aid=545219

Builderall, The Business Opportunity: https://justdoall.com/us/viral?aid=545219

Builderall, 7 DAYS FREE TRIAL: https://justdoall.com/us/demo?aid=545219

Builderall, REGISTER 7 DAYS FREE: https://justdoall.com/us/free?aid=545219

The Million Dollar Passive Income Challenge: https://justdoall.com/us/million?aid=545219

Builderall, Top Leaders Training: https://justdoall.com/us/challenge?aid=545219

MailingBoss: Unlimited Email Marketing FOREVER!: https://justdoall.com/us/mailingboss?aid=545219

Builderall: $9.90: https://justdoall.com/us/plan1?aid=545219

Builderall: $29.90: https://justdoall.com/us/plan2?aid=545219

Builderall: $49.90: https://justdoall.com/us/plan3?aid=545219

Sales funnel for local beauty salons: https://justdoall.com/us/funnel-beauty?aid=545219

Sales funnel for local gym owners: https://justdoall.com/us/funnel-fitness?aid=545219

Sales funnel for local chiropractic businesses: https://justdoall.com/us/funnel-chiropractic?aid=545219

Sales funnel for local dental offices: https://justdoall.com/us/funnel-dentist?aid=545219

Sales funnel for local accounting businesses: https://justdoall.com/us/funnel-accountant?aid=545219

Builderall Affiliates: https://justdoall.com/us/business?aid=545219